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Three tips to Getting Your Best Engagement Photos

Everybody wants amazing engagement photos! This is such a special season in your life and taking your photos to the next level is easier than you think! So here are three tips to getting your best engagement photos!


Shark Fin Cove Enagement Photos

This first tip is key! You may wear jeans and t-shirts everyday and while it's definitely ok to make that one of your outfits because that's what you love and live in, getting that wow factor involves taking your wardrobe up a notch. A long flowy dress and a well tailored suit or nice chinos will take your photos to another level. On that same note making sure everything fits is key! If your suit is too big, your pants are too baggy or your dress is the wrong size it can have the opposite effect because you'll just look uncomfortable. ;) Want something dramatic? Go over the top with your outfit! A ballgown in the mountains?! Heck yeah!


Brainstorm away! Do you have a favorite coffee shop, access to a private orchard, do you love the beach or prefer the mountains? Do you love your downtown or would you prefer the local winery? Some places require permits and those can take time to make sure to check and plan accordingly! After that, if you can go for a site visit. Check out the time day that you're there, is the light good? Are things blooming or do you need to wait for a specific season to get the look you want? Location and timing are everything to getting those golden, glowy light!


Adding elements to your photos, whether it's a bike with a cute basket, a picnic setup, a floral crown or a fresh bouquet from your florist there are a hundred ways to make your engagement session personal to you! Just remember that some elements take special accommodations or may require a little more time to execute and you'll want to plan it when thinking about the light, time of day you're shooting, etc. Want to go over the top? Hire a wedding planner to plan your engagement session for you! She can make all your engagement visions come true with amazing details, hair and makeup!s

If you found these tips useful I'd love so much if you shared them via Pinterest and don't forget to check out our Planner which is full of tips, timelines and even more!