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Sand Dollar Beach Watsonville - Family Photography

There are those friends that come into your life only once in a lifetime. They’re the truest of friends that you can laugh your head off with, sob with on the hardest days, have in the room while giving birth and Marco Polo with on the daily. Jamie is that friend. 💖

On top of running an ectrical business, she and her husband, Gabe, are amazing Pastors in both Watsonville and Salinas, and they are killing it (in the most amazing way)! They love people fiercely and give of themselves so completely. And those girls? They’re raising them to love exactly the same.

It has been almost four years since we last did family portraits and after finally settling on a date almost two months out, we were able to make it happen! And you guys, I die at these photos! A sequin dress?!? On the beach? And how smartly dressed is Gabe? They’re like fashion icons and their style is timeless. Take note, if you want to take your photos to another level, dress to impress!

Gabe and Jamie, you guys are rockstars! Even though I would totally judge you for going somewhere else to get your photos done, I really am glad you let me shoot them. I love you all truly. 💛