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Pajaro Dunes Engagement Session

It's wedding week for these two and I can't wait for their Mt. Madonna County Park wedding in Watsonville! I was telling Desiree and Adam that there are couples who are really comfortable with each other, know how to relax with the other and just have a good time--it usually comes out in their photos and this was that kind of session! These two are naturals in front of the camera and can't you just tell how much they love to have fun?

We met at Pajaro Dunes in Watsonville and it.was.windy. They were amazing sports about all the wind and I got my first taste of what a sand storm feels like, lol! And you guys, in my mind, I'm not even exaggerating. Pro-tip--don't wear a shorter dress in a sand storm. Ow. ;)

Can't wait until after Saturday to show you their wedding photos--it's going to be amazing!