How to Make Paper Flowers

I created this tutorial when paper flowers were newish and realized that I needed to transfer it over to my new blog! So here you go! :)

These are 12x12 sheets of cardstock. I created a few templates and duplicated it. You can see on each photo how many of each petal size petal I cut.

All stacked and ready to go. You'll need a stapler, hot glue gun (or quick adhesive of your choice and keep your scissors around.

Cut a line about 1-1 1/2" up at the bottom of each petal. Depending on how many curve you want to your petal.

Fold your petals at the base so they overlap each other a bit. I used hot glue to secure mine. You can also just staple them! The I went to the opposite end of the petal and rolled them up to get the petal and folded over and blooming look. Play around with the amount of folding you want and what looks best for whatever layer of petal you're working on.

Then take all your large finished petals and began to put them together. I hot glued one half and added them to the half of the next petal until I had a ring of petals.

Cut a quick base to glue your petals to.

Now add your finished large petals to your base. If you plan on making your flower ever bigger just add a bigger (and more sturdy) base.

Now, take your next size petals and just begin to build the inside of your flower. Start by placing a small petal between two larger petals and then build from there.

Continue building with the remaining petals until you get the fullness you're looking for.

I've done this part a couple different ways. If sticking just to paper then this becomes the very middle. Just roll it around itself until it becomes small enough to fit into the middle. I've also used moss in the middle and that was really pretty too.

Finished! And repeat, repeat, repeat! Have fun building beautiful flowers!