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Crawford Barn Wedding, Sacramento: Cat + Parker

If you had been a fly on the wall of Cat's getting ready room at Fremont Presbyterian Church in Sacramento, you would have heard nothing but laughter and joy. In a room full of the women that she was truly at ease with, the joy of the day was shared among all of them and it was palpable. It wasn’t that she was getting married, it was one that she WAS GETTING MARRIED! Holding the blue hankie that belonged to her great grandmother, she savored the moments, all while looking forward to the wedding and seeing her amazing groom. Quiet, introspective and Parker and Cat opted for no photos during their first look and took the time to just BE together, savoring alone time before the day and ceremony started.

The ceremony was beautiful filled with worship, demonstrations of servanthood, solemn vows and forgotten rings. 😂 A rapid scramble though and a crisis was averted. At the reception, toasts were made by lifelong friends and there was party to be had! The one thing I noticed the entire day was that both Cat and Parker were very intentional about enjoying every part of the day. The rain didn't faze them and nothing could interrupt the happiness of the entire day. Parker and Cat, thank you for allowing me to be a part and witness your beautiful union! You are both pictures of servanthood and I have no doubt that God has amazing things in store for your lives together. Enjoy your Tahoe-Hawaii honeymoon!


Many thanks to the wedding vendors who made the day possible:

Ceremony Site: Fremont Presbyterian Church

Ceremony Coordinator: Ann Davison

Day-of Coordinator: Elizabeth Near

Reception Location: Crawford's Barn

Bride's Dress: Second Summer

Groom's Suit: Men's Wearhouse

Florals: Jeni Maxon

Makeup Artist: Hannah Short

Hair: Ellie Weiland

Cake Artist: Julia Weiland

Minister: David Pack

DJ: Chris Sapinoso

Photographer: Deanna Rose Photo

Second Shooter: Stefanie Lauren