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Christmas Hill Park Family Photos: The C Family

I first met them at my Christmas Mini Sessions and was absolutely smitten with their kiddos. Her curly hair, the infectious giggles and the bond that the two littles share was heart warming. When Lupe and Demetrick agreed to help me out with a Style Guide session I was so happy. We decided to stay local and went to Christmas Hill Park in Gilroy. We explored the secret bridge, threw leaves in the air enjoying the last of fall, ran down trails and finally ended up down in the ravine.

You guys! How amazing do they look in both outfits? The olive and creams are killing me, so pretty! The biggest compliment I get is how understanding I am of children during photo sessions. Seriously, there's not much that kids can do during a session that surprises me. Momma to mommma, I gotchu. ;) During my sessions it's ok to laugh, run, call each other buttheads because it makes you laugh and also ok to just slow down and take some time to just be together. I love it all. Don't ever feel like you have to apologize for your kids acting like kids.