4 Qualities You Really Need in a Wedding Planner!

4 Qualities You Really Need in a Wedding Planner

Hiring a professional wedding planner for your wedding can be the difference between a good wedding and an outstanding wedding. Make room in your budget for a planner (full service or otherwise)! You’ll be so happy you did because the good ones are so worth their price in gold! As you begin your search, here’s four key qualities your future BFF wedding planner should have: 1. Equipped with YOUR best interest in mind!

Through the planning process, your wedding planner will be the one to take all your dreams and make them come to life through the planning process and on the day-of the wedding. They should provide recommendations for what you’re looking for and alert you of something that may not work. Be sure that they aren’t swaying you too far from your initial dream for your wedding day.

2. Professional relationships

Good planners have a pretty sizeable list of recommended vendors that they’ve developed good working relationships with. Many times, these vendors may offer a discount or be willing to do something outside of the box because they trust who they’re working with. Your planner will be the one to contact vendors and initiate contract agreements, so having someone in your corner who has good repor with their people automatically gives you a leg up. It’s also nice if your planner is flexible to work with other vendors as well. Perhaps they aren’t on your planner’s preferred list, but are quality choices or required by your venue. Your planner should be flexible and able to handle working with a wide variety of vendors.


You’re going to be talking/emailing/texting with your planner on a pretty regular basis. Making sure you both get along is a requirement! They should be as excited about your wedding as you are. Your planner will also interact with your guests, so make sure they are friendly, polite and respectful! Attitude is everything and your planner shouldn’t be scowling on your wedding day or leading up to it!

4. Team player mentality

At any point during your wedding day, something may happen that wasn’t originally planned for, usually due to circumstances outside your planner’s control or planning. Be sure that they’re capable of thinking quick on their feet and rolling with the punches. Many times this may mean that they need to jump in and get their hands dirty! You’re going to want your planner to be the one to delegate, but also pitch in and help! It’s a team effort on your vendors’ part to pull off the most incredible day for you. Be sure your planner can spearhead that effort!

Thank you to the amazing Cera Singley of Cera Singley Events for providing us with these amazing tips! Need a wedding planner? She's your girl!