10 Tips to Getting Your Best Wedding Photos

Everyone wants amazing wedding photos! Here are some tips to get you started in getting those crisp-light filled photos throughout your whole day.

1. Details Matter

Imagine showing up to your bridal shower and there's a table, a plate of cookies, a couple of sandwiches cut in half and a container of juice. Haha! You might be a little confused, wondering if you got the day wrong and showed up a day early to your bridal shower, or if someone forgot their camping supplies. ;) That's because when it comes to planning and executing a party, it's all in the details. From the time you get ready, take a little time and set up a nice buffet breakfast. Pick up some pretty disposable plates, ask your florist for any leftover florals and pop them in a vase. Throw a nice tablecloth and presto! You have a beautiful breakfast table while you guys get ready. It may seem like a little thing but it will help to set the tone of your day! Take this attitude throughout your day. Think details and plan to have little areas throughout the day that are picture-worthy? Popping confetti in robes on the bed? Have it all lined up on the side table ready to go. Too much to think about? See my next tip!

2. Hire a day-of coordinator

Different than your venue coordinator, your day-of coordinator is with you throughout the whole day and doesn't just belong to one specific location. She is the one who will let keep her eyes on the clock, run the little errands that you need or grab items while you're getting ready. She's the one will make sure your Mom has everything she needs, is making sure you're getting water and that your groom is where he's supposed to be at the time he's supposed to be there. She can also be the one that you leave in charge of the details and making sure everything is set up where it's supposed to be. If you're terrible with time, she'll save you money just because she keeps everything going on time and you don't run out of time with your vendors! For the amount of stress she takes on during your day so that you can relax--she is worth her weight (and $$) in gold!

3. Treat yourself

You know what can show up in photos? Stress and tension. It's shows up in your shoulders and how high they rise, in the middle of your forehead with a worry line or in the form of a forced smile. Take some time to go get a massage, take a long bath and just take some time just for you. You'll thank yourself later when you're smiling and oh-so-relaxed in your photos!

4. Plan spontaneous-looking moments (yes, I know that sounds confusing)

Matching robes, confetti, popping champagne, morning walks with your OJ in hand in the morning, taking a moment with your coffee by a window with your hair done are all moments that have that spontaneous look but are actually all planned! You can put them on your photography shot list but they don't normally just happen without a little planning, so take a realistic look at your timeline and plan on a few "spontaneous" looking photos for your day.

5. Sleep & Eat

Obvious or not, it's worth the reminder to say make sure you get a good night sleep the night before your wedding and eat a good breakfast since it will likely be the last meal you eat until dinner. Your day-of coordinator will carry snacks and water to make sure you stay hydrated during the day--if you opted out of day-of coordinator give the job to one of your girls so that they're thinking of your water intake for you!

6. Go Pro

Let's talk hair and makeup! It's easy to say oh I know how to apply makeup, but unless you've actually been in the industry it's best to leave it to the professionals. They'll know what products to use so that your hair stays, whether extensions would be good for the hairstyle you want (or if it'll allow you an amazing hairstyle!), what foundation will reflect light without making you look shiny and how much eyeliner is too much eyeliner. ;)

7. Plan around the sun What time does the sun set on your wedding day, in the season you're getting married and at the location you're going to be? If you can't answer these questions your photographer likely can, but it's so important for you to also know! Those golden hour photos are likely to be some of your best photos from your whole day. Plan your whole day around the light and your photos will be winners at just about every single moment of the day!

8. Love on your Momma This day hasn't just been your dream, it's also your momma's dream. She wants the day to be perfect just as much as you! Although this may lead to some tough conversations, you're both actually aiming for the same thing! Work together, give her a ton of hugs and love and realize that since the day you were born, she has been waiting for this day to come too!

9. Get dressed last You know those photos of everyone looking like a 10 while the bride gets dressed?! It's because she got dressed last and waited for everyone to be ready! The risk of your bestie walking out in her mismatching jammies or your risking holey sweats, everyone is gathered waiting for you. Your photos will go up a whole notch...just remember to throw alllll the getting ready things, leftover clothes, makeup bags etc in a corner and clear up some of that clutter. ;)

10. Be in the light

You photographer may move you to the only lit space while you get dressed because getting ready in the light makes for the prettiest photos! As much as is in your control about where you get ready, the more natural light that can be in that room will lend to prettier lit photos!

Hope you found these helpful! If you did I'd love if you'd share them and I'll be back again with more tips soon!